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Re: Grouper

I heard a few friends from san francisco talking about this grouper thing, and it intrigued me. So the way it works is you get two other friends of the same sex to go out with you to meet three strangers of the opposite sex at a venue selected by grouper and you all get a round of drinks.

After convincing two of my friends to come with me we ended up at the venue awkwardly waiting for a few minutes (we were little nervous because it still felt a little creepy). When they showed up there was a little bit of awkward tension, but shortly after the waitress stepped in and asked what we would be drinking. We plowed through the first round pretty quickly (it was still a little tense). To my surprise we ended up getting a second round. At this point i was enjoying the company, but the venues bar was a bit lacking so we agreed to go to a sports bar one of the girls was talking up.

We walked about 2 blocks and there we were. It was a pretty cool spot that few of us knew about (a total plus). We continued to order some appetizers and another few rounds. All in all we had a pretty good time. I will definitely be doing another grouper.

One of the main things i like about grouper is that its their responsibility to pick the venue and the people (so you can blame them if anything is lacking).

Try it out:

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    Cool idea, not in my area.
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    if it’s available for...mythical central new jersey region. New places
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